Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hot Stuff in the Summertime!

Wowser! I guess we're just hot stuff in the summertime! You folks are really starting to take notice of our wonderful new ideas that we have set up for all of our wicked cool customers. For instance, We created this blogspot to keep you fine folks updated on our newest arrivals to our fabulous collections, and y'all are obviously taking a liking to it!

Why you're responding to it, linking to it, subscribing to it.......hell, we've even got some people copying it! Although, imitation IS the best form of flattery, now innit?

Thanks so much for keeping it real and making us your leader for where and how to rock the house! Yes, we turn heads, dahlings.....and so will you when you buy some of our sheeyot! You're the best!

And thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful comments and jokes. A gal's gotta have a sense of humor, right? You truly make this all worth while!

Blogspot Queen Extraordinaire