Sunday, June 11, 2006

Vintage Horror Movie Monsters Camisole Top by Paper Doll Productions

Monsters Camisole Top by Paper Doll Productions
(*gush*) L.O.V.E this brand new top by Paper Doll Productions!!!!! It features an awesome cotton print fabric with all sorts of monsters from vintage horror films on it with black lace trim and petite black satin bows at the straps.

Fabric is 100% cotton and does not really stretch. Care instructions are to dry clean - only if you love it!

Gals with larger than a C cup, go for the Medium or Large. The general sizing guideline would be Small: 32-34" bust, Medium: 36" bust and size Large: 38" - 40".

You have some leeway because there is an elastic band in the back of the cami at the top. The waist flares out like a dolly-style top so don't worry about the waist measurement so much.