Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bernie Dexter IS what's H.O.T.!

Well, gang.....we finally did the little update we've been waiting for months & months now to do! We hope you like the new re-design of the site. We've been toying with the idea for a different motif / figure or something (anything) to put in place of our prior "what's hot box" girl and the Babygirl Face.

What would we use? Whatever it was, it had to be perfect. It had to make you smile. It had to be dreamy and eye-catching and look simply smashing with the colours of our site.

We've spent umteen trillion hours on this over the past 7 months now and finally, just last week, the heavens looked kindly upon us and brought forth to us the ever-so-ravishing Bernie Dexter!

Doesn't she look just darling in our BGB Exclusive Stop Staring! Clothing 1930's Film Star Dress? Yeah. We thought so too.

Many Many Many Thanks & Smooches to Bernie. It is an honor to have you grace our pages with your effervescent beauty & charm. Thanks also to Levi Dexter for his Fab-u-lous Photography.