Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's Halloween in the Summertime!

Halloween in the Summertime! Well, for those of you that don’t know us yet, Halloween is our favorite holiday! Why? Because you get to try on and play with all manner of personae on Halloween and that makes for good times in our book! We think every day should be Halloween. Everyday you should be able to be who you want, wear what you want, and do whatever it is you want – as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Remember “All of Life’s a Stage!”

Because we love Halloween so much, we are planning for our biggest Halloween ever! We have been steadily loading up on lots of fabulous costumes from Leg Avenue and Coquette, and we have more on the way!

A word to the wise: Buy your costume early this year! It is in the summertime that the companies that sell Halloween Costumes can get their hands on the best selection. If you wait until 2 weeks before Halloween, many of the most popular costumes are already sold out, dear lovelies. Plus, if you buy early, you will have time to make any necessary size exchanges, etc.

We have organized our costumes into several “themed” categories to make selecting a costume easier for you.

The Land of Fantasy features these types of costumes: Dolls, Sothern Belles, Ballerinas, Kitty Cats, Genies, Super Heros, Gladiators, Angels, Brides, Mermaids, Renaissance Wenches, Pre Historic Cave Women, Lady Bugs, Bumblebees, Catwoman, Cowgirls & Indians and more

In The Land of Fairytales is where you will find Storybook characters like Snow White, the Snow Princess, Alice & Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Miss Muffet, Dorothy & other Wizard of Oz characters, Pocahauntus, Captain Hook & other Pirate costumes, Tinker Bell, Pixies, Fairies, Angels, Goldilocks & Cruella de Vil!

In The Big City you can become someone from any walk of life. In this category you will find Gangsta Girls, Cops, Crime Scene Investigators, Sheriffs, Firefighters, Priests & Nuns, Naughty Schoolgirls, Naughty Nurses, French Maids, Playboy Bunnies, Biker Babes & more

In the Pinup Girls Costumes category you will find Burlesque Girls, Military Girls, Army Girls, Sailor Girls, Lady Officers, Troopers, Brownies & More! We predict these costumes will be very popular this year.

In the Exotic Women Costumes category you will find Señoritas, Flamenco Dancers, Geishas, Sexy Samurais, Can-Can Girls, Saloon Girls, Bellydancers & More!

In The Party People Costumes category you will find all sorts of Divas, Psychadelic Hippies, 60's Mod Girls, Funky 70's Disco Dancers, Retro Go Go Dancers...

And we haven’t left the fellas out! We have added a Hot Guys Costume’s category, as well! In this category you will find Sailors, Sexy Canadian Mounties, Police Officers, Cave Men, Referees, Footbal Players, Pirates, and our favorite – The Long Schlong.

Finally, we have added Sexy Plus Size Costumes category for all you voluptuous vixens out there! With lots of costumes from which to choose – heck, you can even be a Playboy Bunny if you want to!

So go and check it out and most importantly - lighten up and have some F.U.N., already! The gang @ Babygirl Boutique