Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Feeling Grateful!

Yo! We haven't posted any news in here aside from news of fabulous new product that we have received and continue to receive daily! But, I (that would be ye olde BabyG (preferred nomenclature for addressing the owner of this empire) herself just wanted to take this moment to say THANKS HEAPS & BUNCHES & GOBS, y'all, to all of you fabulous guys and dolls that continue to support our site!! The site is growing by leaps and bounds and it is because of each and every one of you!!!

Warm & sincere thanks too to Leah (better known as Q14), my Senior Strategy Implementation Facilitator (doode, no seriously, I would be on a lithium drip by now if it wasn't for you, girlfriend!!!), Joni, my creative consult/eye, and all-around-fabulouso-geekstress and amazing and efficient shipping assistant, my husband, Kev, for putting up with my rants and for supporting and loving me no matter what, my good-humored receptionist, Robin, for dealing with the UPS & FedEx guys daily without complaining, my amazing models, Amy Feline, Bernie Dexter, Cherry Dollface, Sarah X Dylan, Marey Ryan, Kelsey Danger, Sugar Cookie, Jessica Kiper (also a.k.a.Suger) and Gabriel, our brave one and only male model to date! All of you are amazing! Thank you so much for supporting www.BabygirlBoutique.com!! I adore all of you from the bottom of my <3,