Monday, December 11, 2006

Draven Shoes have arrived! Punky classic wedges, slippers, canvas slip-ons, and sneaker flats by Draven!

Draven Shoes ~ Tokyo Hiro "Hime Rockabilly Tattoo Wedge Heel Sandals" w/ 4.5" Heel

BabygirlBoutique.Com welcomes Draven Shoes to our shoe collection. These punky sweet treats will put some pep in your step! Draven creates furry, fuzzy, cushy pink slippers featuring the Misfits logo, wonderful wedges featuring tattoo flash, and skull & crossbones with a girly twist on classic skater canvas a-la-vans-style sneakers.

Draven Shoes ~ Skull and Pink Roses Slip On Sneakers / Flats

Draven Shoes ~ Skull and Green Floral Prints Slip On Sneakers / Flats

Draven Shoes ~ Black & White Polka Dotted Patent "Polkaholic" Flats w/ Girly Skulls and Lacey Trim

Draven Shoes ~ Misfits Pink Furry & Cushy "Nightmare Slippers" by Draven