Sunday, April 08, 2007

Interview w/ Cheesecake Pinup Model Extraordinaire, Bernie Dexter!

We recently conducted a 'lil interview w/ Cheesecake Pinup Model, Bernie Dexter! We thought it would be interesting to hear, first-hand, the answers to the questions on everyone's minds. By the way, we told her to feel free to skip any question she's sick and tired of answering! Here's what she had to say:

1.) How did you become a pinup model?

"Purely by accident. I had always dreamed of being a model but never thought I would get the chance."

2.) Do you have a favorite photo shoot?

"Hmmmmm... yes, the Switchblade Siren shoot is my favorite. It really made a statement about who I am." (see pic above)

3.) What types of clothing and/or accessories do you like to model most? For example, burlesque/fetish, fashion/streatwear, swimwear/lingerie?

"I would say lingerie & high heels. I just love them both! Including corsets & stockings of course!

4.) What is the most fun aspect of your job to you?

"That would be the comments & reactions to the published photos. it really is a thrill. Trust me no girl can ever be told she is pretty enough;)"

5.) What brand of makeup to you prefer/love?

"I have tried a lot. I LOVE Besame a lot. I really do. I also like MAC."

6.) Can you tell us about your weekly health/fitness routine? For example, do you work out? What kinds of activities do you do when you work out?

"I use to walk a lot but I started getting to thin. so now my work out consists of working on shoots. Building sets & shopping for props."

7.) Your skin always looks flawless, can you tell us about your skin care regime? Thank you so much. I use a combo of Skinceuticals & Cetaphil. Pretty basic. Cleans morning morning & night & moisturize. Oh & key! Spf 70!!!! every day!"

8.) "How long have you been living the rockabilly lifestyle?

"About 15 years now. well I was always in to vintage & things like that. I was obsessed with the movie Grease ( so embarrassing to admit) when i was about 7 years old..."

9.) What does your weekly shooting schedule look like. For example, how many days a week do you shoot, on average?

"It really is crazy. we must shoot at least 3 times a week."

10. What is your working relationship with Levi Dexter, who we know is your main photographer and husband. What is it like to work cloesly together and live together. Is it hard to maintain a balance between the two. For example, does he harp on you all the time for working around the clock like our mates do?

"Hahahah! Actually It is great! I do not have to worry about him gossiping or judging me. I can be myself & get on with the work & i have 100% of his support. I worked a day job one summer for fun. I was there only about 4 months...he freaked out. He missed me being at home with him. heheee. He said you may always be busy at home but at least I can get a kiss & a hug whenever I wants."

11.) What are your "cheat" foods? What food cravings do you have that you try to resist. Like, starches, sugar, milk products, cheesecake? (hahaha)

"Oh I am a carb freak. seriously i love bagels, cookies & cakes. I do eat them just small quantities."

12.) What are your dreams for the future?

"Gosh I have big crazy dreams. But I do not try to predict the future. I am a firm believer that the people choose who they want. I hope they choose to look at me. My long term goal is immortality."

13.) What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

"Hopefully selling my images some how. I would love to do a coffee table book, a line of clothing, lingerie... Some of these things may happen sooner;) Keep your eyes & ears peeled!! I see myself doing a lot more traveling as well."

14.) What do you do for fun, beside working? Hahahah!! I LOVE to thrift shop & go to antique malls & swap meets. But the most fun is seeing bands. I LIVE for rockabilly festivals. I just love being on the dance floor:)

And there you have it, kittens!