Sunday, March 09, 2008

TINte Cosmetics - Vintage Lip Color & Deliciously Flavored Lip Gloss, Beauty Gift Sets for the Girly Girl!

The gals that run this site are all in their 30's. We were tweeners in the 70's. Predictably, we each have fond memories of these vintage slip-top lip gloss tins we used to cart around in our school back packs. They came in so many lip-smackin' irresistible flavors! TINte Cosmetics has brought them back for us all to enjoy again!

Flavors include Bubble Gum, Root Beer and Cream Soda among others. All products are packed with Shea Butter and Vitamin enriched Minerals, for a soft succulent smooch! Just $14 each.

TINte products are tested on boys, not animals!

Click the pic to see all the yummy flavors and beauty gift sets from TINte Cosmetics that have just arrived!