Monday, June 09, 2008

Jonesie Cake - Glamorous Couture and Special Edition Floral Hair Clips!

We are so excited! We recently added Jonesie Cake glamorous couture and special edition floral hair clips to our hair clip collection.

Jonesie Cake's exquisite hair clips are inspired by old Hollywood screen sirens, and the quality is obvious cut above the rest. Jonesie Cake's "clip-able blooms" are some of the finest we have encountered. These aren't your average, everyday floral hair clips, oh no! Designer, Angie Jones, puts a lot of love and care into these couture creations. Each and every one of her elegant clips is handmade with love...and lots of it!

From the hours spent scouring the Los Angeles Flower District for the most interesting and high quality silk flowers she can find, to the minute, mindfully placed sparkly crystals that magically catch the light, each sophisticated clip is carefully constructed with the utmost care. At first glance, you can hardly tell they're not real.

It's no surprise that the designer originally hails from Atlanta, Georgia; Only a southern belle could imagine and make such lovely, feminine confections!

Pin up model, Bernie Dexter, looks radiant (as always!) wearing these gorgeous deluxe hair flowers as seen below:

The Cherries Jubilee clip was modeled in Tattoo Life magazine!