Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Plus Size Arrivals!

Wow! All the plus size costumes have really been flying out of the store this year, so we decided to add more styles so you gorgeous goddesses with hips and curves would have a few more options from which to choose. Take this new "Miss Layover" Flight Attendant costume for example:

...and this super cute new plus size "Pinup Sailor Cadet" costume: (we know, we know, bad, bad, bad manufacturers for not having a plus size model!)

...and this sweet new Plus Size "Candy Striper Costume", otherwise known as Sponge Bath Betty. (Why are they always named "Betty"?)

...and here's yet another "Betty" for you. Feast your peepers on "Brass Knuckle Betty". You won't want to cross this boss!

Here's an officer that will be around when you need her, unlike those other cops! (Costume includes everything except the fishnet stockings!)

Too early for Christmas? Not even! (All the cute costumes sell out first) This Plus Size Miss Peppermint costume is a sure fire candidate for selling out early. It is too adorable!! (we love Leg Ave's new plus size model; she's such a sultry babe)

...and we've added new Plus Size lingerie too! This is a girly, frilly, romantic confection if ever we've seen one:

...and did you know that some of our retro lingerie-inspired 6-strap lace-front garter belts go up to size 4X? Yep, it's true!

There you have it. Just a quickie blog post to let you know, we're thinking about you too, dahlings!