Friday, December 12, 2008

Stuff Your Pin Up Girl's Stocking with Vintage Soaps from Dolce Mia!

How darling are these Pin Up Girl Soaps from Dolce Mia?!?! As if the adorable, colorful packaging isn't enough, the soaps themselves are latherrific, moisturizing blends of high quality ingredients and vintage fragrances. Totally giftable this Christmas, and a great stocking stuffer at only $8.50 a bar! Also featured here are liquid soaps in dispensers with beautiful labels sure to make every vintage pin up aficionado smile every time they lather up at the sink!

100% real soap from a family recipe producing creamy, moisture-rich soap for over 40 years! Made with pure plant-derived vegetable oils. No detergents and no animal testing.

Click here to see all of the available combinations of pin up girl designs and scents from Dolce Mia - Natural Fine Soaps of Sonoma County!