Monday, October 26, 2009

Everybody Smile and say "Geddy Lee!"

Rush Fly by Night Vintage Wash T-Shirt in Steel Blue with Owl Screen Print
It's 1975 all over again! This new-vintage t-shirt features the cover of Canadian band Rush's groundbreaking album "Fly by Night". It was the first album to feature the drumming and lyrical stylings of Neil Peart, and established him and the band as prog rock masterminds.

But more important then all of that, it's a totally comfy and adorable t-shirt with a big, fluffy, cute owl on it! Features a big, "U" scoop neck. Vintage wash means it's soft and worn like your favorite old tee.

Your boyfriend probably long ago resigned himself to the fact that he'll never have a hot girlfriend in a Rush t-shirt. Imagine his surprise when you show up in this! He won't know what hit him. And when you look at him and say, "I especially adore the Lord of the Rings-inspired imagery in the song "Rivendell" - also one of the few Rush songs to not feature drums despite the fact that Fly by Night represents Neil Peart's debut with the band..." and he'll wonder what he ever did to deserve you.

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