Monday, December 07, 2009

Fight Brain Freeze With A Hooded Scarf From Lucky 13 Clothing!

For those folks who don't know how the retail game works, we get catalogs for the winter season months ahead of time, and even though it's hard to think about winter clothes when it's the middle of a scorching hot summer and everyone is running around in tank tops and short shorts, we do our best to think about snow and below-freezing temperatures when we choose the items we think we'll want to have around come winter time.

Well, ages ago, when the summer sun was still baking our brains, we placed an order for these Hoodie Scarves from Lucky 13 Clothing.

And now, months later, an arctic chill settled on our part of the country and we simply could not WAIT for the hoodie scarf to arrive. And when they did, it was like Christmas came a couple of weeks early!

These knit "Juvenile Delinquent" hoodie scarves are soooo cute and unique, and best of all, thick and warm!

Modeled here by Bernie Dexter.

Get them before they're gone! (If all the BGB gals don't snatch them up first!)

Click here to buy the Hoodie Scarf from Lucky 13 Clothing!