Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine's Jewelry - Rockabilly Jewelry - New Arrivals From Femme Metale Kitsch 'n' Kouture

From the Babygirl Boutique Rockabilly Jewelry Blog comes these great Valentine's Gift ideas: Two new necklaces from Femme Metale designer jewelry - "Shot to the Heart" necklace and the "Faith, Hope, & Love" necklace.

Femme Metale Jewelry is solid sterling silver and is therefore a bit on the pricey side, but they are gorgeous, designer pieces that will last forever and are worth every last penny.

For a more affordable alternative to Femme Metale's sterling silver collection, check out Kitsch 'n' Kouture-- an off-shoot brand of Femme Metale which employs the same stylish design sensibilities but with less expensive materials.

Seen here is the Tattoo Love Heart necklace with an enameled heart with "love" banner and pink roses. Also pictured is the Girlie Cat Skull necklace featuring Mitch O'Connell's notorious cat skull with a cute pink bow.