Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Recycled Purses : New Arrivals from Little Earth Purses : Tiger Tattoo and Japanese Peace

Little Earth Purses are exquisitely handcrafted and eco-friendly purses that combine designer style and artistry with recycled materials such as tires, aluminum, and license plates. Several purses from the designer line that we carry are limited edition and come with registration cards.

It can be difficult understanding the sizes and pricing for these purses (even we have trouble keeping it straight sometimes), but there are several different sizes and variations that affect the cost.

These new arrivals represent two different sizes and styles.

First is the "Fender" size Japanese Kanji Peace Purse. This size and style sells for $140. (If it were embellished with crystals, it would be called "Fender Flair" and sell for $252).

The Japanese Kanji Peace Fender Purse is a chic and cosmopolitan design which displays two designer plates as 6" x 12" miniature works of art with Japanese characters stylistically spelling the word Peace. The ends are chrome teardrop shaped. Crystal kiss-lock closure, 21" recycled rubber strap. Full-lined velvet interior. Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Next we've got the "Mini Flair" size Tiger Tattoo Purse. This is a smaller, more affordable size of 5" wide with a retail value of $100. The closure is a bottle cap snap embellished with crystals. The handle is made of recycled rubber. The interior is fully lined. Also includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

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