Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rockabilly T-Shits : Sexy Cool Zombie Girl T-Shirt

Super cool zombie girl t-shirt called "Death Jane" by Lowbrow Art. Based on artwork by Hilary Jane.

Hilary Jane is French Canadian, and here is her official biography run through the Google translator:

When Hilary found the culture of the 50s and rockabilly music, she da developed a burning passion for pin-ups and everything that surrounds this period.

She has captured the attention of the world with her photographic talent and her talent as a model alternative. Having gained experience in the field of photo retro, fetish, and alternative, she developed an interest in the beauty behind the sexuality of human beings. Not only at'elle interpreted this distinct aspect of our human character through her drawings, but it has elicited many people.

Provocative ... of course! Her art is based on ideology and unconventional to invade our mind images inspired by the underground culture. Passionate, talented, direct, honest and many other qualities used to describe his personality and her art that make her an inspiration to others.

Being her sister since January 21, 1990 gives me the ultimate pride in saying that this wonderful person is my inspiration.

- Jessica Petersen