Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Reproduction Jewelry : Victorian Era Delicate Primrose Princess Bracelet

From the Babygirl Boutique Retro, Vintage Reproduction Jewelry Blog:

From Sweet Romance Jewelry, designers of beautiful vintage-reproduction jewelry, comes another gorgeous Victorian-era bracelet. This dainty floral primrose sweetheart bracelet has a brushed silver finish and a cluster of lovely flowers with crystal embellishments.

Sweetheart bracelets have a history steeped in romance. They were given as tokens of affection between two friends, mothers to daughters, and suitors to ladies. The "expansion" style bracelet slipped on over the hand and expand to fit any wrist and was weightier and bolder. This Sweet Romance sweetheart bracelet mimics the thinner, more delicate style that was trendy to wear stacked together with other sweetheart bracelets.

A whisper of lovely flowers and graceful flourishes are mounted atop a delicate oval hardwire bracelet. The silver finish is burnished to a soft luster. A lovely crystal sits in the center of each blossom in champagne, amethyst, moss, and garnet. Each bracelet is signed and copyrighted Sweet Romance USA.

This gorgeous bracelet would make a lovely gift for your best friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, or daughter. It can be mixed and matched with this sweetheart bracelet set from Sweet Romance, also available at Babygirl Boutique!