Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pill Boxes, Business Cards, and Tampon Cases Featuring Vintage Pinup Artwork from Classic Hardware

The "Sin on Wheels" personal case (nice way of saying "tampon case") holds two of your feminine accouterments and slips neatly into your purse. Featuring artwork from an old pulp novel. A really adorable gift idea!

The artwork on this Mermaid Tampon Case is ridiculously cute and will put a smile on your face every time you have to attend to your lady business.

These cute little stainless steel pill boxes also feature vintage pulp novel artwork sealed behind a scratch-resistant epoxy resin. It's the perfect size to hold whatever pills you might need when you're out and about (I don't go anywhere without mine fully loaded with ibuprofen) and it fits into your pocket or purse. Fantastic! Seen here are "Red Hot Mama" and "Quickie!" (I wonder what kind of pills Quickie carries? Oh, what a gal...)

She may be fast and loose but her business cards are snug and secure in this stainless steel business card holder. Featuring artwork from the scintillating romance epic entitled Fast, Loose and Lovely. She's so fast and loose, she doesn't even use an Oxford comma. What a rebel!

Not entirely sure what the product being peddled in this vintage advertising was, but it was "top quality" and made in the USA, as is this Glamour Girl Business Card Case and all the other charming accessories from Classic Hardware!

She tried to be good! Implying, it seems, that she tried and failed. This pulp novel cover business card case is captioned "The amazing story of Carrie - daughter of sin." Me-OW!