Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sexy Fabulous New Halloween Costumes for 2011!

From the BGB Halloween Costume Blog:

Officially Licensed Top Gun Movie Halloween Costume from Leg Avenue Costumes

Admit it... when you were 10 and you saw Top Gun, you dreamed of being Kelly McGillis and have a hot affair with a sexy fighter pilot. Well, guess what? It's never too late! This Top Gun Halloween Costume for women includes the mini dress and aviator sunglasses. Accessorize with sexy knee-high boots and fishnets, and no one will ever accuse you of losin' that lovin' feelin'!

Officially licensed and trademarked Paramount Pictures. Leg Avenue Catalog Style No. TG83700.

Retro Flight Attendant Costume New for 2011!

This Classic, Retro Stewardess Costume is too, too, too cute! It includes the mini dress with white trim and buttons, white scarf, matching hat, and super cute mini luggage purse! (Gloves sold separately). Flight attendant / stewardess costumes are top sellers every year! And is it any wonder with something so retro charming and sexy? This costume won't last long! Leg Avenue Catalog Style No. 83832.

New Sexy Navy Sailor Girl Costumes for 2011!

Naval gazing has never been sexier! These two Halloween Costumes styles from Leg Avenue are brand new for 2011!

The Ship Shape Captain Halloween costume includes both the ribbon trimmed mini-dress with anchor buttons and a matching epaulet shrug with chain closure. The hat is sold separately. Leg Avenue Catalog Style No. 83763.

The very saucy Curvaceous Navy Captain Costume includes the ribbon-trimmed teddy with anchor buttons and anchor belt, as well as the epaulet shrug with long tails that hang down the back. Hat sold separately. Leg Avenue Catalog Style No. 83764.

Me-ow! Sexy Wicked Wildcat Costume from Leg Avenue Costumes

Here, kitty kitty! This Wicked Wildcat Costume includes a keyhole teddy with tail and gauntlet sleeves and attached faux rhinestone collar with a red heart tag, and matching cat ears headband. Leg Avenue Catalog Style No. 83784.