Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beautiful New Art Deco Inspired Crystal Rings from Anne Koplik

Beautiful new rings designed by the artisans at Anne Koplik Jewelry. Featuring lead and nickel-free jewelry, Swarovski elements, and intricate, Art Deco-inspired details. Anne Koplik designs are made in the USA.

This is a spectacular ring featuring a fabulous, diamond-cut amethyst crystal and an antique gold finish. It will add a regal touch to your ensemble. It measures 1" high and 3/4" wide and has an adjustable band.

This gold ring features a faceted black crystal in the center with round crystals on either side. An antique gold finish gives it an heirloom feeling. A big ring that measures 1 1/4" all around.

A dazzling ring featuring black enameling and faceted black crystals framing a large, oblong, faceted crystal in the center. An antique silver finish with patina completes the look.

This Art Deco-inspired, antique-finish silver ring is adorned with dozens of sparkling crystals. Very glamorous!

Absolutely adorable, sparkly "Think Pink" ring encrusted with Swarovski crystals in various sizes and shades of pink. An antique silver patina gives it an heirloom feel.

This beautiful gold ring features a large, faceted smoky topaz oval crystal surrounded by smaller red and clear crystals and intricately-carved tiny leaves. A dazzling ring that makes a gorgeous statement piece at 1 1/4" wide.