Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Art Tees Featuring Original Artwork from Low Brow Art Co.

Low Brow Art Company makes t-shirts featuring tattoo, psychobilly, hot rod, and monster-themed artwork from an impressive collection of alternative artists. We just received a fresh crop of some very cool new tees from Low Brow.

This Tattoo Pinup Sailor Jerry T-Shirt features tattoo-inspired artwork by Tyson McAdoo and a fabulously retro draped fit.

This "Poker" Big-Eyed Kitty T-shirt features artwork by Abril Andrade screen printed on a top-quality, 100% cotton, boy-cut t-shirt in a brown sugar color.

This "Skate or Die" Roller Derby T-Shirt features artwork by Tyson McAdoo on a comfy, soft, grey, long-body, v-neck t-shirt.

The Little Feather Dolman Sleeve T-Shirt features original artwork by tattoo artist Brother Greg. A very cool native American girl screen-printed on burnout cotton fabric.

Finally, we have the Isabella Painted Lady T-Shirt featuring original artwork by Daniel Esparza, with a gorgeous sugar skull portrait screen-printed off-center for a unique look.