Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Besame Cosmetics: New Arrivals & Favorites Back in Stock

NEW! Besame 1930s Mascara in Black, a modern way to achieve the classic, elegant look of vintage '30s glamour. The formula contains conditioning oils and food-grade ingredients and is gentle and natural for daily wear. Besame mascara's creamy consistency adds length and definition to the lashes without the use of irritants. Beautifully packaged, of course, like all Besame Cosmetics!

NEW! Besame Cosmetics Enchanting Lipstick in Portrait Pink. This new shade is a very pale, light baby pink that looks best on pale skin tones. It is an opaque pastel shade with a semi-matte finish (no shimmer). Besame lipsticks feature the highest possible natural pigment content for a smooth, lasting, non-feather finish. 

The newly redesigned bullet casing is now larger and still comes with a velvet pouch.

Back in stock: Merlot and Red Hot Red.

Back in Stock! Vintage-Inspired Brightening Violet Powder from Besame. The packaging on this powder is so fabulous, you'll never want to open it. But once you do, you'll discover a translucent loose powder that adds a hint of brightness to your complexion for an instant lift. Suitable for all skin tones, the violet hue brightens tired eyes and brings light to your face alone or with foundation.