Friday, April 26, 2013

Shredded Footless Tights

Sometimes I have to rely on my teenage daughter to spot the trends for me. She's into this thing called "soft grunge" which seems to be the oversized-top-with-leggings-and-big-boots look of the eighties (which I still love, dammit) combined with the soft and distressed textures of the nineties. (in my opinion, the trend seems to be an attempt to create the blurred, washed-out-pastel vibe of an Instagram photo in an outfit) These Distressed Footless Tights fit into this trend-- See photo of Dakota Fanning below-- I can't really explain the fuzzy tiara, but the rest of the outfit demonstrates this look quite nicely. My teenager would wear these tights with denim cut-offs and some sort of ugly thrift store Cosby sweater. How would YOU wear them?