Monday, June 19, 2006

Stop Staring Clothing: High Waisted 1950's Allie's Jeans

These Super Scrumptious Stop Staring Clothing 1950's Allie's Jeans are named after the designer from Stop Staring Clothing, who's nickname is Allie.

Think peddle pushers from the 50's but minus the peg-leg style fit. A simply fabulous pair of 1950's era high waisted capri jeans!

These Rockabilly Style Jeans have Exposed tan stitching with a capital cursive "S" on the back of each back pocket. Not every day calls for a vintage style or retro style dress, n'est ce pas? Sometimes you just want to kick back in your comfy-ass jeans.

These jeans are very comfortable with just the right combination of stretch and structure, so go ahead and get-ya some!