Sunday, June 18, 2006

What's in a name?

What's with the name, you ask? A fair question. Most people think we are a specialty boutique for children and babies' apparel and accessories due to the name. Well it all started with the owner's husband, Kevin, power lounging on the sofa watching hours and hours of BET (black entertainment television) and hearing entirely too many R & B and rap singers and entertainers refer to their girlfriends, lovers, and wives as "babygirl". As a result it soon became an affectionate nickname for Tatyana, the owner.

When she started the site, four years ago in 2002, the url was Tatyana thought it was cute at the time because she thought the name kind of conjured this contrast of qualities - on the one hand, innocence and dependence, and on the other hand - independence and ambition. (think of a yin yang symbol and you get the idea) But, unfortunately all the urls without the hyphen were taken and usually led to porn sites. So, she settled for the hyphen.

Over time, however, it was observed that people tended to get tripped up over the hyphen and had a hard time finding the site on the first try. So, when the site underwent a major redesign a year ago, the url was changed to so that people could more easily remember it.

Something was lost in the conversion of the names that we will hopefully regain in yet another upgrade/overhaul in the future. Tatyana and Leah, also known as Q14, her trusty web mistress and best friend, are almost in the production stages of their own signature line. If and when we ever get it off the ground, you will, at that time, no doubt see the name change for last time.

For those of you that have read this far, here's a little bit of insider info - the owner has an uncontrollable gag reflex when people call ger "babygirl" now. Call her bgb, or babyg, (she rather likes the latter) but PLEASE do not call her "babygirl". It's like if someone called you "pookiekins" 5,000,000 times, you would be ready to strangle them, right? Well, she has a similar reaction. lol. The following is a pic of Tatyana & Kevin (taken about a year ago)