Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crazy Cuteness!! Lambchop Graphic Tees & Hoodies, and Mod Mod Mod Dresses from EC Star!

Check out these freakishly adorable Heavenly Lambchop tee & hoodie from EC Star!! Soooooo sweet, you'll get a cavity just lookin at em! The tee is buttery soft and looong, and a luscious Heather Pink color. The hoodie has the adorable Lambchop on the back and the words Heavenly Lambchop across the front. You can beat the prices at $26 and $59 !! Thanks to Sarah X for rockin the frocks once again!

Modlicious "Tune In" Dresses from EC Star

Create your own British Invasion with these fan-freaking-tastic retro-style mod dresses! Available in three different styles. We love EC Star's attention to detail! Little touches, like big buttons and eyelet details make these dresses very special! Sells elsewhere for $112 or more. But we've got it for only $98! Thanks so much to B to the D (that's Bernie Dexter y'all!) for the gorgeous pic!