Thursday, July 31, 2008

Glorious Collectable Besame Cosmetics!

If you are a vintage clothing/style aficionado, you simply must have Besame Cosmetics on your vanity and in your purse! If only for the vintage 1940's reproduction packaging! But, if you are interested in more than delightful, vintage style "props" for those strike-a-pose moments, you will love Besame! These are the cosmetics of the past for the modern rockabilly pinup girl! The colors are reminiscent of the colors your grandmother used to have on her vanity YET in formulations that will love your skin, protect against the harmful UV rays of the Sun, and transform your features into those of a vintage knockout! Trust us, you will start with their lipsticks and then you will be hooked on the entire line! Our spokesmodel, Bernie Dexter, is featured here in her boudoir applying Besame cosmetics before a photo shoot: