Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jessica Rabbit Eat Your Heart Out!

We've been busy stocking up on lots of Halloween costumes 'round BGB headquarters and we thought we'd give y'all a sneak peak of some of our faves of the new Leg Avenue Costume styles for 2008!

Like this one that is obviously inspired by Cartoon bombshell, Jessica Rabbit: (It's also a killer burlesque costume!)

And these new awesome Tuxedo Showgirl Costume: (It comes with the gloves!)

And there is nothing tame about this Lion Tamer Costume! (a perennial best-seller!)

And this new Burlesque Lady Magician Costume: (it includes the top hat!)

What kind of mail does a superstar vampire get? Why, Fang Mail, of course! What does a vampire queen wear at night? This ensemble is sure to quicken some pulses:

Memoirs of a beautiful geisha, anyone?

And we haven't let the Plus Size beauties out either. This Plus Size Cherry Blossom Costume is simply ravishing!

Here Kitty Kitty.....

....And that's just the beginning.....Don't miss all the fun on our Halloween Costume Pages!