Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo Shoot with Mis Portland Pinup Dottie Diamond!

We had the great pleasure of shooting Dottie Diamond the other night. She was recently crowned Ms. Portland Pinup, and what a sweetie patootie she is too! Glamorous and sweet and real. Real Portland folk. Portlanders are known for their love of comfort and warmth in clothing. Oh, and if it's water proof, it's even better, deluged by rain as we are throughout most of the year. (It's not that bad, really. You learn to love it. You buy stylish umbrellas and such forth to make up for the grey skies) But, not around BGB! We are always in style come rain or shine! Dottie is a perfect example. Here she is modeling some recent arrivals by Paper Doll production, Lucky 13 and others: