Monday, November 02, 2009

80s New Wave Vintage-Wash Joy Division Tee

From the poverty and angst of late-seventies Manchester, England came Joy Division, new wave pioneers who hit the scene and, in just a few years, changed the history of British music forever.

Front man Ian Curtis, known for his sad monotone, strange dancing, and anti-stage presence, suffered from epileptic seizures that interfered with his life and eventually his live performances. He grew ill and depressed, and finally took his own life in 1980 at the age of 23. Two months later, the album Closer was released posthumously, containing the band's hit single "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

The remaining members of Joy Division went on to form New Order and enjoyed many more successful singles throughout the 80s. (To see an excellent and beautifully-made film about the Ian and Joy Division, check out Control)

Pay homage to the brief but bright life of Ian Curtis and Joy Division with this stylish new tee available now at Babygirl Boutique.

This "new old" t-shirt is printed and treated with vintage wash techniques that make it as soft and comfy as your favorite old concert tee (but without the beer and pit stains).

The latest addition to our expansive t-shirt selection! Other recent musical additions include Rush, Blondie, and the Rolling Stones.