Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cigarettes Are Bad ... Unless They're Pants

Cigarette Pants were like the skinny jeans of their day. They were smoking hot in the fifites, when Marilyn and other glamorous stars wore them. The differences between modern-day skinny pants and cigarette pants are that the cigarette pants are higher-waisted and typically ankle length, whereas modern skinny jeans are often low-rise and very tight at the ankles and have excess length, creating a bunched-up effect at the ankle. 

What makes these new Black Cigarette Pants fantastic are that they have the sexy, curvy, snug fit of contemporary skinny pants but with the high waist of retro pants (in other words, avoid low-waist muffin top). The modern Millennium material is durable and wrinkle-resistant. There is a single exposed zipper, which is another modern, trendy touch. And there are no pockets to bulk up your perfect silhouette. The length makes them great for both flats and boots.

So if you gotta smoke, do it euphemistically in really hot cigarette pants!